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State: District of Columbia
Country: United States

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Age: 33

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Jun 20, 2021 - 11:32 am

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Sep 19, 2005 - 4:57 pm
Posted By: DeAngelo

First off, to everyone who has been bitching, moaning and whining  to Tarnus and in the game shoutbox stop it, now, or something bad might happen to you.  I am definately not as nice as Tarnus.  

Now to why we haven't reset.

A little over a week ago Tarnus and I were talking over lunch about how we should probably do a reset with a version of the game without the module support that I have been having problems coding. We both though it would be a great idea and allow people to try some of the new things the game has had added over the past year. I thought, at the time, that it would be a fairly easy matter to strip out all of the module code and revert back to some of the old code. Honestly I need to have someone slap me  for thinking that way. What with the amount of time I have been working on this new version I had forgotten how sweeping the changes were to the game code. Yes, I am getting senile in my old age.  

I now have three different versions of the game and trying to hammer one of them into something that can actually be playable in some minor way. One is an old 0.21 that has some features hacked into it but is missing a ton of the really nice things. The second is a hybrid of the new module code with some of the old non-module class code. In otherwords a hugely gross hack that may end up being the one everyone plays. The third version is the 100% module version that has serious problems with the modules when it comes to all of the different forms of combat.

For the past week I have been working until 3 and 4 am trying to get something that will be workable. What I thought would be easy turned into a nightmare full of frustration.  I am getting CLOSE on the second version mentioned above and I will reset the main game as soon as I have this hacked mess running the way it should be running.

Plus these past two to three weeks have been a complete disaster when it comes to real life. Tarnus knows about some of them and they have had me twisted in knots. So you can imagine how stressfull this has been lately.

Now you roll all this up together with the people whining  , bitching and moaning in the games shoutbox, at Tarnus through pms/ims/whatever and in their blogs and you get one Panama Jack who wants to erase the new game completely.

I greatly appreciate everyone who has voiced their support for us and our game. Those of you who have stood behind us and supported us through everything will enjoy the rewards of our efforts. We do this because we enjoy the game and enjoy seeing people have fun with our creation. We thank you.  

It is the whiners  who think just because we offer a FREE game on our own servers that we OWE them something. Those people we can do without and I don't care if I piss them off and they leave. They are better off gone because it makes everything better for the rest of the community.  

Bottom line...

The game is FREE.

We offer a server to play the game on for FREE.

We offer blogs for FREE.

We offer a stat tracking server with profiles for FREE.

There are only two of us working on the game. Tarnus has too many irons in the fire in real life when it comes to programming to be able to work on the game. I have completely rewritten almost all of the game from the ground up and Tarnus would have to spend a very long time learning the new game code so it is easier at this time for one person to work on it. So because of that we can MISS dates that we set for things. We are not a company devoted to creating games for a living. So give us a freaking break.

We give all this for FREE and don't really ask for much in return. Those of you complaining and whining  about the situation should be completely ashamed of yourselves.

I am hoping to be able to reset the game sometime this week. I am not going to give a date or time for when this week because it will give the complainers something more to complain about.

And no... I am not a nice person right now.
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